Demo Sites

Permaculture Action Asia has secured numerous Permaculture demonstration sites around Cebu province where, once up and running, you will be able to:
  • see Permaculture in action,
  • learn Permaculture,
  • buy organic produce (fruit, vegetables, meat and aquaculture produce)
  • support our work by buying from the on site nursery, where we will sell and distribute template Permaculture plans, seeds and plants.

Our flagship demo site, Cebu Eco-Culture Club, is a 60 hectare timberland lease from DENR in the hills of Cebu City (Pardo), a showcase of the 5 zones of Permaculture from the home to farm to forest. The site also has 40 squatter families, who we will invite become our first program benificiaries who can remain on the land and implement Permaculture in family home gardens and small plots, and serve as a model eco-village community. Cebu Eco-Culture Club has been tentatively marked as the site of the future Asian Permaculture Institute.

As our sites start to take shape, galleries and videos will be posted here on our site.

The locations earmarked for our future Permaculture demonstration sites are:

1) Cebu City- Cebu Eco-Culture Club, a 60 hectare forest/timberland project in the hills of Pardo;
2) Toledo- partnership with Carmen Copper and Local Government
3) Danao- partnership with Seri Mining, a soon to be open coal project
4) Argao- partnership with Provincial Board Member Hon, Wilfredo Caminero- also involved in Coal mining
5) A Cebu Province site provided by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is being selected now
6) Medellin- a partnership with Jonnah Shinoda
7) Naga- a partnership with Bernard Sia

8) Malabuyoc- a partnership with Kawayan Marine

9) Talisay- a partnership with Antonio Go and Chi Chi Bacaltos Go
10) Dalaguete- a partnership with Ricky Dakay
11) Liloan- a partnership with Franz Herbich
12) Daanbantayan- a partnership with Retired Col Gabiana