"Permaculture is an idea whose time has come (again!) it is a way of life that keeps in complete harmony with nature, just how our forefathers used to live until "development" got in the way. We need to relearn how to live sensibly: husbanding our resources judiciously, using only what is necessary, reusing those that can be salvaged, disposing of waste carefully, and always allowing nature to renew itself. It wasn't too long ago that our people lived this way and it should not be too difficult for our generation to see the wisdom of their ways."
Omar Maxwell Espina
Dean of College of Architecture and Fine Arts
University of San Carlos

"Permaculture should be made as a way of life for everyone. It sums-up sustainable environmental protection, effective waste management, continuous abundant food production, and food security. It is the ultimate land use design for natural resources management system that merge forestry, agroforestry, soil management, slope stabilization design, agronomic engineering practices and agriculture. Green Earth, Bountiful Harvest, and Clean Environment for Humanity to Live and Prosper - the final fruit of Permaculture."
Vicente L. Orillo Jr.
Former College of Forestry Instructor, Mindanao State University, Marawi City (5 years)
Forestry and Project Management Services Consultant, Cebu (18 years)

"Greg Knibbs Permaculture course was one of the modules used in the program to assist local communities in the vicinity of the Tampakan copper-gold project in the southern Philippines to increase the effectiveness of their livelihood projects. The course was well received, effective and added value. Greg’s teaching style and willingness to live and work with remote communities gained him great respect. I can recommend his course."
Tony Robbins
Asia (formerly MD) Indophil Resources NL.

"Without Mr. Greg Knibbs, we doubt if permaculture would ever be introduced to Bohol, Philippines. He single-handedly brought this concept to us through his untiring efforts and evangelistic zeal that are very much admirable. He volunteered his services free of charge to teach a Permaculture Design Course made possible by a mutual acquaintance of Mr. Knibbs and Mr. Calos Echavez, the Executive Director of Bol-anon Foundation Inc. Mr. Echavez took upon himself to inform a core group of 27 enthusiasts to a two-day introduction course in Permaculture taught by Mr. Knibbs on April 5-6, 1997, in the capital city of Tagbilaran, Bohol."
Mequias J. Deliman
Permaculture Institute of the Philippines