Welcome to Permaculture Action Asia!

We are a new non-governmental organization (NGO) focussed on Permaculture. From a head office in Cebu City, Philippines, we provide the following services 
for clients around Asia and the Pacific: 

Permaculture Action Asia has a number of charity programs, which are our "raison d'etre".

Longer term, we want to influence policy, aiming to have government departments adopting Permaculture principles as practice. Shorter term, starting early 2012 Cebu province wide, funded by partners, the revenues from our service offerings, donations, sponsors and grants, Permaculture Action Asia will: 

  • manage numerous Permaculture demonstration sites, including the world's largest Permaculture demo site, Cebu Eco-Culture Club
  • provide to low income beneficiaries, free (or close to free) Permaculture courses;
  • distribute seeds/plants;
  • assist with planning and implementation of Permaculture to low income beneficiaries. 

This program, while initially focussed around Cebu province, will from 2014, spread Philippines wide. 

In addition to being the website for our Permaculture organization, we envision this site becoming a portal to Permaculture in the Philippines. Our Permaculture community in Philippines in growing, and through our links and news/blog page, we aim to be able to connect you up with members of our wider Filipino Permaculture community.