Permaculture Action Asia's reforestation services uses Permaculture principles to plan, design and implement site specific, holistic solutions for forestry. This can be for reruirements of organizations' DENR Environmental Compliance Certificates (ECC), corporate social responsibility purposes, government initiatives and otherwise.

We provide a wide variety of services, from survey, planning, implementation, planting itself, to longer term management of the site. Our team uses the Permaculture Design Process for forestation, which takes into account all elements of environment, people, climate, infrastructure and determines a system that will integrate all these elements into a sustainable, functional system.Permaculture Action Asia can provide:
  • Site Surveys
  • Permaculture based Reforestation Plan
  • Selection and Planting of the Most Suitable Tree and Other Species for the site
  • Implementation of Permaculture based Reforestation Activities
  • Long Term Management of Site
  • Integration/education of surrounding communities into eco-villages and assisting in management of site

Unlike traditional reforestation in the Philippines, which is normally carried out by planting 2 or 3 species of trees (which in effect creates a tree plantation), we at Permaculture Action Asia will re-create and manage a complete eco system that can re-attract flora, and provide food and/or income streams almost immediately, rather than the 10 to 15 years it normally takes to harvest trees in a plantation. We are committed to the sustainable development and restoration of forest resources. Our services are competitively priced, in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Our professional Reforestation Team is headed by Vicente L. Orillo Jr. "Titing", a former forestry professor at Mindanao State University, who has 18 years experience as a Forestry and Project Management Services Consultant. Titing has worked on a extensive range of projects, with NGOs and government, from DENR to World Bank funded ventures, to the forestry plan for Cebu Eco-Culture Club's planning and DENR approval process.

Permaculture Action Asia can be an important part of a company's social responsibility programs, being a strategic partner in protecting and caring for the environment. We can degisn and implement reforestation efforts in line with a corporation's commitment to preserve, protect, and enhance the environment. We can also design personalised programs for our company to sponsor or promote.

Permaculture is ideal for rehabilitation of mining sites and for empowering neighboring communities. Biodiversity can be returned to affected areas, beautifying the landscape and restoring mine land for future use. Using Permaculture's design process renewed vegetation and wildlife can be introduced following a managed plan so as to require less and less human intervention with time. Previous mining lands can even be used for farming, reforestaton & other purposes.